Online casinos are very famous and appreciated by players you will find several games namely online roulette a game very popular near players and available in several versions namely a version strongly animated by online dealers.

Roulette is also a very profitable game and this is most certainly one of the reasons for their popularity. But chow to play roulette online? and especially what are the best strategies to win there? We have concocted the following article for you, read it for more information.

How to play roulette online

online roulette strategyTo play roulette online you must first of all go to an online gambling casino that offers the latter on its game library, then it is imperative to know the rules of play of the latter starting with the composition of a roulette table. A classic roulette table generally includes:

  • The drum
  • The sleeve
  • The ball rest
  • The numbering
  • The boxes
  • The bowl
  • The axis
  • The track
  • The baffles
  • The frame

Once you’ve acclimated yourself with a classic roulette table all that’s left is to play but how?

Virtual roulette does not differ in any way from real classic roulette.To play you must place your bet on one of the numbered squares of the roulette table thereafter once your bet is validated, the dealer will launch the table which will begin to turn on itself dragging with it the ball that turns in the opposite direction.

After a while the roulette table will slow down and the ball will stop on one of the numbered squares.

If that square matches your bet you win the bet.

Play roulette in those casinos:

Strategy for winning at roulette

In order to help players maximize their chances of winning on the roulette several game strategies have been put in place. These are most often based on mathematical rules, and players mostly say that their returns on games increase by employing these.

Among the game strategies most favored by gamblers we will cite:

The martingale strategy:

This strategy is most likely one of the most popular among players and especially one of the oldest. It is THE strategy for playing roulette.

It is based on one and the same principle: double his bet at each defeat allowing the player to compensate for the loss of money made earlier as well as an additional profit allowing him to recover the money bet.

The labouchere strategy:

This is a gambling technique that relies on somewhat excessive spending to use it you must be sure that you never run out of money to spend.

Using it you will be led to lose money in small amounts but you will get back the majority of the money lost via a big win of a colossal sum.

The andrucci strategy:

Andrucci’s theory is based on the fact that all roulette numbers appear the same number of times.

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